Update on my Summer Bucket List!

Earlier this summer, I wrote out a list of things I wanted to do over the course of the Summer. I’m going to go back through and see what things I did do and what things I didn’t. Maybe what I didn’t do will roll over into my fall bucket list ūüėČ

  1. Visit NYC -No, but I am going in October *excitement*
  2. Trips to the beach РYes, I was able to go to the beach several times!
  3. Go to an amusement park¬†-No, but I’m going in September
  4. Go fishing -No, but does snorkeling count ?
  5. Hike РNope
  6. Swim in a pool -Yes, this one was easy
  7. Play mini golf РYes, several times actually!
  8. DIY project -Yes, I built an Ikea desk that took DAYS
  9. Tanning day -Yes, but I am still quite pale (thank God for self tanners)
  10. Get a massage¬†-No, I’m broke
  11. Spend a day with Jace (my nephew) -Yes, he was so cute!
  12. Spend a day with Ethan (my nephew) -Yes, he was so crazy and silly!
  13. Eat an entire watermelon¬†-No, I did not repeat last summer’s biggest feats
  14. At home car wash¬†-Yes, and I’m due for another one
  15. Get a pedicure -Yes, I got one in the begining of summer
  16. Make s‚Äômores¬†-Yes, What’s camp without S’mores?
  17. Bonfire¬†-Yes, I’ve definitely had campfires and I think one bonfire
  18. Day without technology (we’ll see about this one haha) РI want to say yes but no
  19. Go to a concert¬†-No, I’ll catch you next year Firefly
  20. Read a book¬†-Yes, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”
  21. Cook a new food -Yes, cooking is actually quite fun
  22. Do yoga -Yes, as well as other fitness classes
  23. Pic nic with friends¬†-No, I mentioned this to my boyfriend once but it never happened…
  24. Bowling¬†-No, and I’m not too upset about this one lol
  25. Ride my bike¬†-Yes & No? I can’t remember. Wait, yes! While I was babysitting in June!
  26. Make homemade popsicles -No, AND I DEEPLY REGRET THIS

If you actually read this whole list, then wow props to you. Hope your summer was more fulfilling than mine haha. If I was being honest, I had a great summer just not as much *pizaz* (is that how you spell it?) as I might have wanted it to be.

I did 15/26 that’s 57% completed! Better luck next year haha!


Summer ’16 Bucket List

  1. Visit NYC
  2. Trips to the beach
  3. Go to an amusement park
  4. Go fishing
  5. Hike
  6. Swim in a pool
  7. Play mini golf
  8. DIY project
  9. Tanning day
  10. Get a massage
  11. Spend a day with Jace (my nephew)
  12. Spend a day with Ethan (my nephew)
  13. Eat an entire watermelon
  14. At home car wash
  15. Get a pedicure
  16. Make s’mores
  17. Bonfire
  18. Day without technology (we’ll see about this one haha)
  19. Go to a concert
  20. Read a book
  21. Cook a new food
  22. Do yoga
  23. Pic nic with friends
  24. Bowling
  25. Ride my bike
  26. Make homemade popsicles

My summer break started in the beginning/middle of May and I originally made this list back then. I’m surprised by how much of it I’ve already done and I’m hoping to finish them all. Expect a post at the end of the summer with an update ūüėČ If you have any good Summer bucket list ideas, let me know!

– Kelly

Mini Golf and Arcade Games

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Hey readers!

These pictures aren’t the best and they we’re taken on my IPhone. However, this day was too much fun to not document. My boyfriend called me up and said something along the lines of, “Hey! Let’s go play mini golf and arcade games and pretend we’re kids again!” I already had a free mini golf game for the place so I decided it’d be fun. My boyfriend, his three friends, and I all headed over and played a game of mini golf (which I did not win lol). Then we all went back inside and spent tons of tokens on ski ball, air hockey, driving games and more. By the end of the night, we had acquired a giant pile of tickets! Which I, obviously, tried to fold up all nicely for the lady at the ticket counter. Only problem was that the guys didn’t care and just ran away with the pile towards the counter. The girl counted our tickets and we ended up having over 2,000 tickets! Basically my childhood dream. I didn’t really want any of the prizes so the guys picked out four blow dart things, candy, slime, and giant smarties. I had the most fun that I’ve had in awhile. I absolutely love how Steven (my boyfriend) can make any day fun and adventurous. Next time you decide to go out, maybe try mini golf or an arcade! You might have more fun than you think ūüėČ


How to Start (& Stay) at the Gym

Hello readers!

Within the past six months, I have started to really get into going to the gym and eating healthy consistently. This has been somewhat of a revelation to me. I had gone to the gym plenty of times over the years and never seen results or felt like it had made that big of a difference for me. However, I’ve learned that it is the consistency that truly makes changes in the long run. This has been something I have struggled to do all my life and now that I’ve finally reached my goals (for now) when it comes to fitness, I wanted to share some tips to you¬†about how to¬†start and stay at the gym.

1. Start small- and I mean it

Don’t decide you’re going to go three times a week and do an hour and a half workout if you are not working out already because it just won’t happen. I’ve tried, you’ve probably tried, we’ve all tried. To be successful, start small with once a week or even once every two weeks. It is also important to not overdo it on yourself in the beginning or else you might scare yourself from wanting to workout again if you become sore for three days after. Just saying. When you start small, you develop habits and it doesn’t become this overwhelming new aspect of your life that you can’t keep up with. Simply, start small and take it at your own pace.

2. Bring a friend

This one is super helpful for multiple reasons. The first one is that friends will hold you accountable. You can easily skip a gym sesh by yourself but you are less likely to if you made plans with someone. The second reason is that it reduces gymtimidation. You and your friend are both newbies and learning how to use the equipment together and you no longer feel as uncomfortable around all the senior gym-goers. Lastly, having a friend makes it more fun because you laugh, catch up, and get HOT together!

3. Find a good workout routine

This one really did the trick for me. I’d go to the gym and have no real idea of what I wanted to accomplish or felt as though I did not get that full “workout” that I needed. There are tons of resources from YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, and fitness websites that have free workout routines. Pick a routine that, based on your level, you think you can handle. Then, go to the gym and test them out! You may need to try a couple different workouts until you find one you enjoy and still makes you feel like you got that full “workout”. Keep in mind that you will need to switch up your workout routine from time to time or else your body will get used to it.

4. Educate yourself & learn from others

You pick out this awesome workout that people rave about online and you head over to the gym and you realize you don’t know what a mountain climber is. And what’s this thing called a clean and press? Well, the gym is way more fun if you know some cool exercises to do besides the traditional push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. You can learn these by googling or by watching others in your gym. Some of my most favorite exercises (ie russian twists) were learned by watching other people doing them. So definitely google some fun exercises online and take a look around your gym next time you go.

5. Have gym clothes that make you feel AMAZING

This was one thing that got me excited about going to the gym. I am a clothes addict and style lover so being able to bring this to the gym made me want to go more and more! I mean who wants to workout looking like a potato? Not me! I used this as a reward a couple times by saying, “If you go to the gym for a week, month, etc; you can get a new gym outfit!” This got me to start going to the gym and then after I got my new outfit, I was even more excited about going because I knew I was going to look super cute! Definitely give this a try if you like style or if all your workout clothes are “eh”.


I hope you found my tips helpful and that you can start going to the gym more and more! Since going, I have seen results in the way I look, how I feel, and how I eat. All for the better, of course! I’d love to see more and more people experience how rewarding and fun going to the gym can be. Comment below if you have any good tips, questions, or stories!

See ya!









Rainy Day 

Yesterday, my friend was getting her senior pictures done at a local park and wanted me to come along to make sure she “looked right”. Well the day started off kind of grey and gloomy but she said she still wanted the day to go on. So I put on my indestructible Vans (mud) and my hooded jacket (rain). Once I got there, it had already started drizzling! She still wanted to shoot so I went along with it. During the whole process of her getting some pictures, I took some selfies and random pictures.


This last picture is Karissa asking to do weird pose that obviously didn’t work and then laughing about it for ten minutes straight…

Cozy Winter Snow

Recently, my town received a couple inches of snow. I was glad because my afternoon and night classes got cancelled (yay!). The other plus side to this snow was that no shoveling was needed! It’s always great when you get to take an unexpected day off and relax at home. I decided to take advantage of this newly available time by venturing out into the ten degree weather to take some snowy¬†pictures. This adventure lasted a total of fifteen-twenty minutes because my hands started to freeze up and snow was getting all over my camera. But in the end, I did capture some precious moments of my adorable pup, Elby. My friend also stopped by for a little while and took a frosty¬†picture of me out in the snow. The night ended with me and my friend watching the second half of White Chicks ¬†while sipping on some yummy tea along with munching on snacks.