First Day of Senior Year OOTD


My outfit for my (last) first day of school!


The detailing on the back of this shirt is BEAUTIFUL


Shirt from Forever 21


Excuse the wrinkles and fuzzies I took these pics after I had finished school 🙂


LOVE these shorts from H&M!


Classic school shoes (aka Converse)

Hello Everyone!

It has been awhile since I last posted but I am back and ready for a year filled with blogging! Right now, I plan on posting amazing, Kelly-filled content each week on Friday. As most of you probably know, back to school season has begun and all of us kiddos still in school must return back to our dull lives as the summer comes to a close. But that’s ok; because I happen to love school-sort of. I hated school when I actually went to “school school” aka private school/public school. Now I go to an “umbrella school” or “homeschooling school” which basically means I attend classes twice a week at school (yes it is in an actual building not my bed) and the rest of the week I do my schooling at home. I started homeschooling/umbrella school in 10th grade and I would never go back. “School school” just wasn’t my thing. I hated feeling trapped in a building for 7+ hours, doing busywork, and having to wake up so early that I couldn’t function. Well all that has changed now. I’m in control of when I wake up, what assignments I do first, where to do them (Starbucks is a personal fav), and homeschooling cuts out the busy work…to be honest.

This post ended up being more about the type of schooling I do vs my first day of school but whatevs. I assure you I had a great first day and I wont bore you with the overly-exciting details of my statistics class. Anywhos, did any of you start your first day of school, work, idk? If yes, let me know in the comments I’d love to chat!

Who’s hype for fall?!?

-Kelly ❤

ps my bag is from Bass







My new favorite powder!

So I recently took a trip to my local Ulta and stumbled upon this beauty. I didn’t go into the store intending to buy this product, let alone any other product. Although, my powder at home was running low so I’m glad I bought this. 

First of all, this powder is AMAZING! Besides the fact that it smells like chocolate (how is this just now a thing?!), this powder is excellent in all ways, shapes, and forms. The packaging is super cute and the container closes nicely; unlike other powders I’ve had. This product also comes with an applicator sponge that is stored below the powder. This is great for storage and traveling. Besides looks, I immediately was attracted to the consistency of the powder. When I swatched it on my hand, it glided on smooth, elegant, and thick. I normally use powder on top of a liquid foundation or bb cream; but this could be used as foundation alone! In fact, that’s what I used it for today! I have not tried too many powders; but of the ones I have, this one tops the charts.

If you’re looking for a new finishing powder or powder foundation, I would HIGHLY recommend this chocolate smelling, color correcting, and matte finishing powder! 10/10 thanks for this one Too Faced! 😍

Bohemian OOTD

Today’s weather was a little gloomy but I always seem to be productive on rainy/grey days. This outfit is super comfy and I’m in love with the bohemian feel! The dress I’m wearing is from Target (oh, btw it has pockets!!) and the shoes are from Khols. I’m also wearing a necklace from Francesca’s but it’s hard to see it in the picture. 

Let me know how your week has been and what styles you’ve been into lately!


Easter Eve OOTD 


Hello readers!

Is anyone else excited for Easter? Because I know I am! Easter is one of those holidays where happiness permeates the air. Another perk of Easter is the gorgeous spring weather! Unfortunately, where I live it is still pretty cold (50s and 60s) and therefore cannot wear shorts. Boo hoo! 😦 Because of this, I decided to wear jeans and a sweater to keep me warm.

I chose this pastel tank top from Forever 21 because it reminded me of spring! Underneath, I wore a grey American Eagle bralette. I then added a white sweater from Kohl’s for some extra warmth. My ripped jeans are from Garage and I completed the look with my super comfortable Sperry’s!

What is the weather like near you? Hopefully warmer than near me!

Happy Easter!

Kelly Landis

February Favorites!

February has been such a fun, love-filled month! I’ve met many new people and had the opportunity to go on exciting adventures and try new things. This month, I decided I’d share with you some of my favorite products!   I got this nail polish as a gift and I am absolutely in love! It’s from Sephora and in the color “Midnight Merlot”. It applies on very smooth and almost looks as though it is gel the way it glosses!   My next favorite is this necklace from Dogeared. I’m in love with this necklace because of the chain. It may be hard to tell in the picture, but the chain is actually short and then the cross dangles. I’ll have to post a picture with it on in another post but it is so cute!!I have been using this Victoria’s Secret body spray a TON recently. To be honest, the smell is not something I would have normally picked out. However, my friend gave it to me and I actually started to like it and where it all the time!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMy next favorite are these adorable accent pillows from Target! They are both so fluffy and add some “oomf” to my all-white bed. I’m still looking for a third pillow… So if you have any good suggestions, comment below! Lastly, this head warmer has been AMAZING in all the cold weather this month. Besides the fact that it is super adorable, it also keeps me extra warm in the snow. This one is from Nordsteom BP and I definitely suggest buying one if the weather is still pretty cold by you 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my favorites! Have an amazing week!

OOTD 2/19/16

Hey friends!

The weather recently has been so bipolar. One day it’ll be ten degrees with snow and the next 53 with sunshine. This has made coordinating outfits a little bit of a challenge because I have to be sure I’m ready for all weather! I wore this outfit to go thrift shopping with friends. It was super fun!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The green army jacket is from Tilly’s and is super comfy and great for keeping warm. My shirt is from Pacsun, jeans from American Eagle, shoes from Vans, and bracelet from Icings.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This shirt is so soft and has the word “inspire” located over the heart.

These jeans are super cute and give a bit of an edgy/industrial look with the zippers on the side!

Hope you are having a fantastic day!