Easter Eve OOTD 


Hello readers!

Is anyone else excited for Easter? Because I know I am! Easter is one of those holidays where happiness permeates the air. Another perk of Easter is the gorgeous spring weather! Unfortunately, where I live it is still pretty cold (50s and 60s) and therefore cannot wear shorts. Boo hoo! 😦 Because of this, I decided to wear jeans and a sweater to keep me warm.

I chose this pastel tank top from Forever 21 because it reminded me of spring! Underneath, I wore a grey American Eagle bralette. I then added a white sweater from Kohl’s for some extra warmth. My ripped jeans are from Garage and I completed the look with my super comfortable Sperry’s!

What is the weather like near you? Hopefully warmer than near me!

Happy Easter!

Kelly Landis


5 thoughts on “Easter Eve OOTD 

  1. So, after hearing about your blog i really wanted to take a look; and upon further examination, your blog is just as cute and simple as you are. I love how easy it is to navigate and how much effort you put into the pictures you choose. You’re a beautiful person Kelly. You never fail to make me smile and make me feel loved and cherished. I love you

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    • Aw, Hannah! 💕 That is so sweet and seriously made my day! I am so glad that we are becoming closer friends this year😊 We definitely have to visit that Terrain place asap! Love you!


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