Airport Fun!

Recently, me and my mom flew out to visit my family in Texas. We got to the airport super early and had tons of time to kill. Luckily, I had my camera and was able capture some of the fun things we did! At first, we did some exploring around the airport and took a look at some of the different restaurants until we found one we both liked. Which by the way was hard, very hard. Eventually, we settled for the Flying J restaraunt who had a great hostess and server! I ordered some curry dish that came with nann and a little garnish. My mom played it safe and ordered a burger (which was topped with onion rings by the way. So cool!).IMG_0592IMG_0593

Once we we’re done eating and kind of just hanging out, I showed my mom the iconic “Flappy Bird” game. She (as most people) thought it wasn’t hard until she actually had to play it. After sitting there irritated for awhile for only getting past the first tube, she gave up. And I don’t really blame her. I took a try and got to something like 16 which isn’t too shabby if you ask me 🙂IMG_0595

We then continued our exploring by checking out all the different shops. I captured a quick selfie in the Pandora store! We had so much fun and spent a little too much money. Oops! We kind of went all out at the Body Shop… SUCH GREAT SALES LADIES! But either way, we made some great memories walking around haha.IMG_0598

After shopping we plopped down in our gate. Turns out we had been bumbling around having so much fun that our flight actually arrived early! So we didn’t even have that long of a wait (maybe 20 mins?). Moral of the story: do not come to the airport 4 hours early and expect to not spend all your money on food and shopping; because you will. IMG_0601Our flight was great and getting to see family was even better. Definitely a trip to remember!


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